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Commentary on NAS Workshop on Wildland Fire Research
Contribution to ASEH 4oth anniversary presidential slam.
Contemporary American fire
A multi-work survey by grand narrative and regional reconnaissances.
Popular survey of fire
Illustrated digest of why fire looks the way it does today and how to think about it.
Updated textbook
Continuing evolution of textbooks on wildland and landscape fire.
Writing manual
Art and craft of writing nonfiction books, especially history.
Centennial fire
Historical survey of the Great Fires, their context and consequences.
Geographic exploration
A group of books organized around the concept of three great ages of discovery
Fire on Earth
Includes fire histories for Earth, America, Canada, Australia, and Europe including Russia. Other books on fire management.
Grand Canyon Suite
The Grand Canyon provides a setting, at least in part, for several books.

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The contemporary American fire scene

The past 50 years have witnessed remarkable changes in American fire policy, institutions, sciences, and practices. Yet the standard history, Fire in America, ends in the 1970s. It misses the momentous events that make America's great cultural revolution on fire. But more is at stake than missing years. The revolution changed the storyline. It deserves its own narrative. Now it has one.

Thanks for the generosity of the U.S. Forest Service, Department of the Interior, Joint Fire Science Program, and the University of Arizona Press a multi-book compendium is coming into print. The project has resulted in two books. Between Two Fires will related the basic narrative. To the Last Smoke will assemble a suite of shorter regional surveys to highlight particular place, personalities, and practices. Between Two Fires will thus serve as the play-by-play record, and To the Last Smoke as the color commentary.

Between Two Fires

Between Two Fires: A Fire History of Contemporary America
A grand narrative of ideas, institutions, and fires.

Table of contents
Prologue: agency on fire
Three fires, 1961
1. Spark (1962-1968)
Last hurrahs, 1967 and 1970
2. Hotline (1969-1979)
New normals, 1977 and 1980
3. Holding (1980-1992)
Lost fire, 1991
4. Slopover (1993-2000)
Millennial fire, 2000
5. Blowup (2001-2008)
East meets west, 2007
6. Burning out (2008-2013)
Wallowing, 2011
Epilogue: After action report

To the Last Smoke

To the Last Smoke
A suite of regional reconnaissances, each approximately 200 pages.

Vol. 1 Florida: A Fire Survey
Vol. 2 California: A Fire Survey"
Vol. 3 The Northern Rockies: A Fire Survey
Vol. 4 The Southwest: A Fire Survey
Vol. 5 The Great Plains: A Fire Survey - in May, 2017
Vol. 6 The Interior West: A Fire Survey - in press
Vol. 7 Slopovers: oak woodlands; Pacific Northwest; Alaska
Vol. 8 Here and There. Northeast, topical essays, overseas sites.

The Northeast may become its own regional volume, depending on how research evolves. I expect to complete travels and draft manuscripts by the end of 2017, with publication as soon as possible afterwards.