Featured works

Commentary on NAS Workshop on Wildland Fire Research
Contribution to ASEH 4oth anniversary presidential slam.
Contemporary American fire
A multi-work survey by grand narrative and regional reconnaissances.
Popular survey of fire
Illustrated digest of why fire looks the way it does today and how to think about it.
Updated textbook
Continuing evolution of textbooks on wildland and landscape fire.
Writing manual
Art and craft of writing nonfiction books, especially history.
Centennial fire
Historical survey of the Great Fires, their context and consequences.
Geographic exploration
A group of books organized around the concept of three great ages of discovery
Fire on Earth
Includes fire histories for Earth, America, Canada, Australia, and Europe including Russia. Other books on fire management.
Grand Canyon Suite
The Grand Canyon provides a setting, at least in part, for several books.

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Grand Canyon suite

The Canyon was found, lost, and then culturally rediscovered in ways that made it go from Big to Grand.

Life as a smokechaser on the North Rim at a time when fire policy was changing.

G.K. Gilbert (1843-1918) - field geologist, explorer of the American West (Wheeler and Powell surveys), first chief geologist of USGS, experimentalist (flumes), inventor of two mountain-building processes (laccolith, basin-range), theorist of lunar origins, and commentator on scientific method.

Smokechaser Steve at Point Less, North Rim