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Comments on the 2018 California fires
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The past few years it has been almost all fire, fire, fire, and at last the final few strays for To the Last Smoke are still in press - should be published by spring 2019.

I keep thinking that's about to change, then California keeps burning.

But I'm a hedgehog who knew two big things. I'm pivoting from fire to my other theme and have begun working on a survey history of exploration that I'm calling The Great Ages of Discovery. How Western Civilization Learned about a Wider World.

Meanwhile, a new book on writing, Style and Story, is out - addressing stuff I didn't realize should have been in Voice and Vision. So far it's still fun.

And, yes, the rumors are true. I've retired from teaching into emeritus status. ASU's youngest students are the age of my oldest grandkid. It's time.

Scenes from two public lectures. (l) Stewart Brand and I fielding questions after my talk for the Long Now Foundation. (r) My 2015 TED Talk.

Other projects include a book on wilderness in the contemporary scene, titled Wild Visions and modeled on the old Sierra Club series. Ben Minteer is the lead author and Mark Klett is overseeing the photos; I'm writing some secondary copy.

I'm also gearing up for a fire history of Mexico, a project that I have long had in mind. It appears I will finally have the time to pursue it.


A sequel to Voice and Vision, more art and craft in writing.

Florida and California fire surveys (spring 2016)

Northern Rockies and Southwest fire surveys (2016)

Great Plains (2017) and Interior West (2018).

The Northeast (2019) and Slopovers (2019) - oak woodlands, Pacific Northwest, Alaska

Here and There (2018) - topical essays, and other lands

A salon of ideas about the future of nature protection in America

A condensed survey of fire in Earthly nature and in human culture, lavishly illustrated with photos and art. For more information, click here .

Continental ice, megafauna, erectines and Neanderthals, creation stories, big ideas - what's not to like?

The Grand Tour, and beyond - now in paperback