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Readers write. They write to say they liked something, they write to say they didn't, and they write when they find errors in the text. Some are typos, some glitches, some just wrong facts. I'll use this page to list them for the volumes of To the Last Smoke.

Volume 2 - California

From Jan van Wagtendonk
Page 6. Alaskans might object to calling Whitney the highest in nation.
Page 23. I find it interesting that I jumped with Chuck when we were at Cave Junction.
Page 31. The California Division of Forestry became the the California Department of Forestry in 1977. It is correct on Page 34.
Page 41. US 395 was the "big sibling" before 1965 when I-15 replaced it.
Page 73. I would rephrase the third sentence in the second paragraph, "...the National Park Service suppresses all wildfires using minimum suppression tactics."
Page 75. I have some additional thoughts on the topic of lightning fires in chaparral that I will share with you later. In the mean time, it's worth looking at Lombardo et al. (2009).
Page 112. Did you mean "CHARISMATIC MEGAFLORA?" See page 115
Page 123. The expansion occurred as part of the return in 1890. Roosevelt's trip seems out of order. They first went to the grove, then to Glacier Point where it snowed and conservation was discussed, and then on to the Valley.
Page 124. The prescribed natural fire program did not begin until 1972.
Page 145. There's an extra period after "ninety per cent" about mid-page.
Page 150. In 1973, it was still called California Department of Fish and Game.
Page 161. It would be helpful to add the year for the Tunnel fire: October 20, 1991.
Page 197. Brenna Lissoway, not Brenda Lissoway.

Volume 3 - Northern Rockies,

From Dave Campbell:
"The dramatic photo of the Gold Pan fire on the cover is an excellent choice (the last Wilderness fire I approved and there are some stories about that of course). The caption says it is in the SBW and courtesy of the USFS and that is close. It is actually at that time in the Frank Church less than a mile from the Magruder corridor and the SBW. It burned primarily in the FCRONR and into the Blue joint recommended Wilderness after it crossed the state line."

Volume 4 - Great Plains

From Todd Lindley:
"I think I may have stumbled across an error on page 119. You appear to discuss the Cross Plains fire (27 December 2005) and the loss of 900,000 acres in the Panhandle in March (presumably the East Amarillo Complex that initiated on 12 March 2006). Yet that paragraph begins with "December 1995" If I am following the context, I believe that should be "December 2005"? If so, Governor Bush is referenced, and Texas had Governor Perry at that time."

From Blaine Cook
"See page 184 where in middle of page the sentence starting…”Timber operations achieve about 5,000 acres, ….” The correct number should be 22,000 acres of sawtimber harvest acres."

Volume 5 - Southwest
From Jan Van Wagtendonk
"On page 150 you mention Weaver's work on the Colville and Warm Springs Reservations. Colville is in Washington, not Oregon."
NOTE: I include a profile of Weaver in volume 8, Slopovers, which will review his career overall.

Volume 6 - Interior West

From Jan Van Wagtendonk
page 18, third sentence - "Gardnerville, not Garnerville."

Other issues concern principal vs. principle, and data as a singular noun. We've agree to disagree.