The contemporary fire scene in American
Between Two Fires: A Fire History of Contemporary America A grand narrative of ideas, institutions, and fires.

To the Last Smoke A suite of regional reconnaissances including Florida, California, the Northern Rockies, the Southwest, the Great Plains, the Interior West, the Pacific Northwest, the oak woodlands, Alaska, the Northeast, and assorted other pieces, some from overseas. Research and writing will be completed by December, 2017.

The books, with the last first:

To the Last Smoke, v. 5, The Great Plains: A Fire Survey (2017)
To the Last Smoke, v. 4, The Southwest: A Fire Survey (2016)
To the Last Smoke, v. 3, The Northern Rockies: A Fire Survey (2016)
To the Last Smoke, v. 2, California: A Fire Survey (2016)
To the Last Smoke, v. 1, Florida: A Fire Survey (2016)
Between Two Fires: A Fire History of Contemporary America (2015)
After Preservation: Saving American Nature in the Age of Humans (2015). Co-editor: Ben Minteer
Fire on Earth: An Introduction (2013). Co-authors: Andrew Sc0tt, David Bowman, William Bond, Martin Alexander
Fire: Nature and Culture (2012)
The Last Lost World: Ice Ages, Human Origins, and the Invention of the Pleistocene (2012). Co-author: Lydia V. Pyne
Voyager: Seeking Newer Worlds in the Third Great Age of Discovery (2010)
America's Fires: A Historical Context for Policy and Practice (2010)
Voice and Vision. A Guide to Writing History and Other Serious Nonfiction (2009)
Awful Splendour: A Fire History of Canada (2007)
The Still-Burning Bush (2006)
Brittlebush Valley (2005). Self-published.
Tending Fire. Coping with America's Wildland Fires (2004)
Smokechasing (2003)
Year of the Fires: The Story of the Great Fires of 1910 (2001)
Fire: A Brief History (2001).
How the Canyon Became Grand. A Short History (1998)
Vestal Fire. An Environmental History, Told Through Fire, of Europe and Europe's Encounter with the World (1997)
America's Fires. Management on Wildlands and Forests (1997). Out of print.
Introduction of Wildland Fire, 2nd ed (1996). Co-authors: Patricia Andrews, Richard Laven. Out of print. PDF available upon request.
World Fire. The Culture of Fire on Earth (1995)
Burning Bush. A Fire History of Australia (1991)
Fire on the Rim. A Firefighter's Season at the Grand Canyon (1989)
Wildland Fires and Nuclear Winters: Selected Reconstruction of Historic Large Fires (1986). Co-author: Philip Omi.
The Ice. A Journey to Antarctica (1986)
Introduction to Wildland Fire ((1984). Out of print.
Dutton's Point. An Intellectual History of the Grand Canyon (1983). Our of print.
Fire in America. A Cultural History of Wildland and Rural Fire (1982)
Grove Karl Gilbert. A Great Engine of Research (1980)

All books, all editions.
The American fire scene, history and geography

A fire history of the U.S. since 1960. The play-by-play companion to the color commentary offered by the suite of volumes in To the Last Smoke .

Florida and California fire surveys (spring 2016)

Northern Rockies and Southwest fire surveys (fall 2016)

Great Plains (2017). Interior West to be published in spring 2018.

A concise, heavily illustrated survey for Reaktion Books' Earth Series.