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What's happening


* Wild Visions. Wilderness as Image and Idea - out at last, thanks to Ben's patient tenacity and Mark's network of landscape photographers.

* Pyrocene Park. Yosemite as a microcosm of an Earth moving from an ice age to a fire age (Univ. Arizona Press, May 2023)

*  The Pyrocene as framed by the views outside my study windows.

* A brief commentary on how the Big Blowback followed the Big Blowup.



I'VE BEEN LUCKY in the big things.  Since retiring from teaching, I've been able to write books that summarize the two grand themes of my career.


BEGIN with the Pyrocene.  It's time to use the concept more forcefully.  For a fuller explanation, see Pyrocene (or above, in banner).  The University of California Press published the book in September, 2021, at which time I was hiking with a group to the Illilouette basin in Yosemite National Park, which I soon appreciated offered a cameo of the Earth's transition from an ice-informed world to a fire-informed one. Pyrocene Park will be published in May, 2023.


STILL, I'm a hedgehog who knew two big things. I'm juggling fire with my other major theme and have written a 600-year survey history of exploration that I'm calling The Great Ages of Discovery. How Western Civilization Learned about a Wider World (my shorthand for the book is EGAD, Exploration's Great Ages of Discovery). It abstracts the conceptual framework that undergirded The Ice, How the Canyon Became Grand, and Voyager.  Exploration has been Western Civ's quest narrative.  Now the book is out. For a short trailer, click here.


OTHERWISE, I fuss over our urban Farm at the End of the Road, where I wrangle sheep, chickens, and citrus, and follow Voltaire's admonition to tend my garden.


 * Five Suns: a Fire History of Mexico, a project that I have long had in mind. The manuscript is written; still revising.

  * Vidas en fuego. I'm facilitating a collection of autobiographies from six major figures in Mexican fire research and management. The Universidad Autonoma de Chapingo and Colegio de Postgraduados will co-publish it in 2022.



Scenes from two public lectures. (l) Stewart Brand and I fielding questions after my talk for the Long Now Foundation. (r) My 2015 TED Talk.


The TLS suite, complete.  The color commentary to accompany the narrative in Between Two Fires.  My gratitude to the USFS, USDI, and JFSP for funding, and to the University of Arizona Press for staying with the project - a big commitment all around.