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What's happening


Books ~

     * Wild Visions. Wilderness as Image and Idea - out at last, thanks to Ben Minteer's patient tenacity and Mark Klett's network of landscape photographers.

   * Pyrocene Park. Yosemite as a microcosm of an Earth moving from an ice age to a fire age. See link on sidebar to left for special coupon.


And some essays ~

   * Firebugs - a fire triangle - from fire beetles to the question of fire as living. Blog.

   * Aesthetics for the Pyrocene - a meditation for Aeon/Psyche.

   *  Cicero meets the Cretaceous - given the interlayering of lithic and living landscapes, maybe time to find a term to characterize it?  How about 'third nature'? Published in Environmental History





Five Suns: a Fire History of Mexico, a project that I have long had in mind. A historical survey from the Chicxulub Crater to to the Coahuaila fires of 2011, organized into five eras, each with its signature fire. Now published. 



Scenes from public lectures (click on topic for video). (top l) With Steward Brand for Long Now SALT Talk; (top r) TED 2015; (bottom) AGU 2023 plenary



OTHERWISE, I fuss over our urban Farm at the End of the Road, where I wrangle sheep, chickens, and citrus, and follow Voltaire's admonition to tend my garden.



The To the Last Smoke suite, complete.  The color commentary to accompany the narrative in Between Two Fires.  My gratitude to the USFS, USDI, and JFSP for funding, and to the University of Arizona Press for staying with the project - a big commitment all around.